Founder of SG Helmets Bill Simpson began as a pioneer in the racing safety business.

Bill Simpson is an American race car driver who quickly became aware of the safety issues in racing after an accident that left him injured. After his accident, he dedicated his career to developing safety technology in the auto racing industry. His innovative designs and inventions have changed the auto racing industry forever, saving countless lives and improving racing safety.

After attending an Indianapolis Colts game, Simpson was shocked at the lack of protection provided by modern helmets.

Simpson knew he had to do something. It became clear to him that protection was not enough of a focus in the game of football or in current football helmet design. Because Simpson had an extensive history of protecting athletes from impacts, he knew he could create a solution that would provide superior protection for football players.

But changing the game means starting from scratch:
The result is not just a new model, its a new invention
Current Helmets
  • Dense, heavy plastic shell that slows movements and provides only basic protection.


  • Cushioning systems that use only air and redirect impact.


  • Heavy metal face masks that strain the neck and shoulders.


  • Weight of 5-6 pounds, straining neck and inhibiting athletic performance.


  • Poor fit means players’ heads jostle inside the helmet.


  • Old technology repackaged to seem new.

SG Helmets
  • Carbon fiber and Kevlar® shell that is light and ultra-strong.


  • NASA-licensed foam that absorbs impact instead of redirecting it.


  • Light chrome-moly face mask that balances the helmet and makes movements easy.


  • Weight of two and a half pounds, improving both athletic speed and protection.


  • Multiple sizing options and fit pad kit ensure secure fit.


  • Brand new technology not seen in any other helmet on the market.


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